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The Whole Earth Foundation has released Whole Earth Explorer, an environmental analytics dashboard app aimed at realizing a sustainable society.

The Whole Earth Foundation will provide a database and a dedicated dashboard gathered from citizens, with expert knowledge and data provided by Fracta Inc. and Nippon Chutetsukan.

#1. Viewer function — visualization of the current status of social infrastructure

By overlaying various information and statistics on social infrastructure, it is possible to get a bird’s eye view of the local environment.

At the moment, you can use the environmental assessment map of pipelines and environmental data diagnosed by Fracta’s AI…

Whole Earth Coin (WEC) is now officially listed on ProBit and Coinsbit. Trading will begin on June 3, 2021 with the WEC/USDT pair.

WEC is an ERC20 Token running on the Ethereum chain used to power the Whole Earth Access Platform, a one-of-a-kind data exchange ecosystem designed to put general citizens in control of their infrastructure. With applications running on smartphones, we can crowdsource detailed data on infrastructure traced by geolocation. This data can help develop intelligent AI to make predictions that allow more efficient infrastructure management.

Citizens, as the primary contributors of data, will earn WEC for their contributions…

The Whole Earth Foundation unveils its first ever infrastructure game, allowing citizens to compete with one another to manage, collect information and raise awareness to their surrounding infrastructure

Stand up, go out, and take out your phones! After months of isolation, are you excited to go outside? The Team members at WEF certainly are.

As we all gear up for the summer season, the WEF has been moving at light-speed to deliver you all exciting news for this summer: The first debuting release of the alpha version of the game, Guardians of Metal and Concrete! Excited Much!? Read further!


The WEF’s mission is to “Democratize Infrastructure Management,” and it aims to bring about social change through citizens’ participation. Therefore, we believe that it is vital to have a significant portion of tokens allocated for the ecosystem. These tokens will be distributed out to the ecosystem participants in exchange for their efforts and contributions towards the growth of the environmental database.

Whole Earth Access (WEA) comprises the following three key groups:

1) Information Providers
Information providers (mainly general citizens) can access the environmental database and contribute data to earn utility tokens.

2) Infrastructure Service Providers
Infrastructure service providers can utilize the environmental database and tools created by third-party developers to improve development projects’ efficiency.

3) Partners
Partners can access the environmental database to develop novel tools that benefit the infrastructure and the environment, help publicize our project and vision to the world, and much more.

To the Whole Earth Community,

The Whole Earth Coin, we believe, is a truly unique project with a mission that distinguishes us from other projects within the crypto space. Our goal is to address the real-world challenges of aging infrastructure utilizing novel tokenomics to empower the people to govern their infrastructure. Though the project has rapidly evolved since its inception, the ecosystem is still in its early stages; the Foundation will be primarily responsible for development and growth until it achieves sufficient decentralization.

Recently, we have decided that burning tokens would be an important step for the Foundation’s growth going…

As its name implies, the “Whole Earth’’ Foundation intends to focus on all infrastructure & environment-related projects around the world. As a starting point, we are focusing on water topics, but potential uses of the platform extend far and beyond water infrastructure.

Building energy-efficient buildings is another potential area of application for the environmental database. Many startups in this space are pursuing innovative data-based solutions to improve energy efficiency. However, many of these companies are working with insufficient data. The data is disparate for each company, making it impossible to perform a holistic analysis and generate optimal results. The WEA…

Currently, WEC tokens are ERC20 Utility Tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. We selected the Ethereum blockchain for its maturity as a decentralized platform offering robust security and access to various development tools. As we advance, the Foundation will actively search for a governance structure that better supports our goals and consider factors such as scalability and overall environmental impact.

Whole Earth Foundation

We Democratize Infrastructure Management

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