Guardians of Metal and Concrete: Whole Earth Foundation unveils its first ever infrastructure game

Whole Earth Foundation
2 min readMay 29, 2021

The Whole Earth Foundation unveils its first ever infrastructure game, allowing citizens to compete with one another to manage, collect information and raise awareness to their surrounding infrastructure

Stand up, go out, and take out your phones! After months of isolation, are you excited to go outside? The Team members at WEF certainly are.

As we all gear up for the summer season, the WEF has been moving at light-speed to deliver you all exciting news for this summer: The first debuting release of the alpha version of the game, Guardians of Metal and Concrete! Excited Much!? Read further!

As one of many exciting collaborations we have planned, the Nippon Chutetsukan and Whole Earth Foundation have been working hard to take on the ambitious challenge of democratizing infrastructure management. The team thought hard about making infrastructure more accessible to the masses, all while making the topic fun and exciting.

Images of the game screen under development

Guardians of Metal and Concrete is a revolutionary take on infrastructure management that is set out to motivate citizens to collect information on their surrounding infrastructure. To play the game, citizens will participate in various events aimed at collecting information about a certain article of infrastructure. All players have to do is find it, snap a photo, describe it, and move onto the next. Players will compete with other players to collect the most information in a given area to get ranked!! Top players will get bragging rights and other rewards.

The exact location and time of our first launch is still pending release, so stay tuned for more information and exciting updates! First, the project will be focused on maintenance holes. Players are you ready? Take your mark… Go!!