Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto, one of the core developers of “Street Fighter II”

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2 min readDec 11, 2021

”Moster Strike” joined as our new Game Advisor of the Foundation.

Solving the problem of aging infrastructure by the power of mobile games

Whole Earth Foundation (CEO: Daiki Moriyama) would like to inform you that Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto joined as a new game advisor to accelerate achieving our vision “We Democratize Infrastructure Management.”

Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto — Director of OKAKICHI SDN. BHD.

Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto

Director of OKAKICHI SDN. BHD.

Representative Director of Japan Game Culture Foundation

He is from Ehime Prefecture, Japan. In the early 90’s he made an unprecedented boom of fighting games with “Street Fighter II.” He continued to produce mega-hit video games such as “Biohazard” and “Moster Hunter.” Furthermore, he was one of the core members of history-making hit mobile games, “Moster Strike.”

In November 2017, he was appointed as the Representative Director of Japan Game Culture Foundation and developed support for mentoring young video/mobile game creators. In 2018, he relocated his activities to Malaysia (Johor) and continues to make games from whole new angles. The famous “Kingdom Riot -The road to unification of the country-” was released on February 22, 2018.

In April 2020, he created a Youtube channel called “The world of Okakichi,” where he shares his past “hit hard” experiences, how to make popular video/mobile games, and other interesting stories.

Message form Mr. Daiki Moriyama CEO

We are very excited to have Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto as our new game advisor. He made the world crazy by producing many mega-hit video and mobile games and has in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry.

Whole Earth Foundation will strive even further by adapting Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto’s game creation know-how. We are confident that we will develop innovative next-generation games using blockchain technology.

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