Whole Earth Foundation and Fracta Agrees to Business Partnership to Promote Infrastructure Management by Citizens through Blockchain Technology

We are excited to announce that Whole Earth Foundation (Singapore) and Fracta (Redwood City, California, USA, CEO: Takashi Kato) have agreed to a business partnership with each other.

Whole Earth Foundation aims to develop social change in infrastructure management through public participation using blockchain technology.

Fracta , founded in Silicon Valley, USA in 2015, developed an artificial intelligence software that can accurately identify deteriorated water pipes by combining data such as soil and weather, removing the need for physical examination of pipes. Water companies have already adopted the software across the USA, UK, and Japan. Many water companies are already using this software, including the City of San Francisco in California.

By having Fracta license out the environmental database to the Foundation, together they will be able to visualize the condition of infrastructure, not only water pipes, but also sewerage, gas, railroads, and other areas, and provide socio-economic incentives to encourage citizens to provide information.

As Japanese society faces the issue of declining population, the entire country must address the challenges of maintaining infrastructure built during a period of rapid economic growth with a smaller population. Therefore, we believe that it is in societies’ best interest to provide incentives and motivate citizens while lowering infrastructure maintenance costs. By having the Whole Earth Foundation and Fracta collaborate, we are further strengthening Fracta’s commitment to public good while realizing the foundations vision of “Democratizing Infrastructure Management”.

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