Whole Earth Foundation and Nippon Chutetsukan launches a PoC project for collecting and organizing data on infrastructure and the environment

Whole Earth Foundation (Singapore) and Nippon Chutetsukan K.K (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director and President: Shuichi Kusaka) have agreed to launch a joint PoC project to develop a digital asset database for environmental infrastructure.

The Whole Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds, provides, and operates a citizen-involved environmental infrastructure information platform using blockchain technology under the vision of “We Democratize Infrastructure Management”. The foundation provides low-cost incentives to citizens who provide information related to infrastructure that contributes to the public good and is working to promote a highly efficient and low-cost infrastructure maintenance and management platform.

With the support of Nippon Chutetsukan, one of Japan’s leading water-related infrastructure companies, this project will foster citizens’ awareness of their participation in environmental infrastructure and develop a highly real-time information infrastructure that will serve as the basis for reducing the maintenance and management costs of environmental infrastructure.

Specific efforts will be made to collect information on manholes (iron covers), which is the business domain of Nippon Chutetsukan, and to develop a digital environmental database. First, we will create a prototype of a game to collect manhole information through citizen participation, and test it in several locations to confirm its effectiveness. The demonstration and verification will be completed by the end of FY2021, and full-scale information collection will begin in FY2022.

The Whole Earth Foundation and Nippon Chutetsukan will accelerate the development of a digital information infrastructure for environmental assets in Japan, starting with the efficient collection of manhole information in Japan.

Through this initiative, we will contribute to the formation of a sustainable society and the realization of asset management, as well as to the promotion of digital transformation in the industry.

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We Democratize Infrastructure Management

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We Democratize Infrastructure Management

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