Whole Earth Foundation releases “Whole Earth Explorer,” an environmental analysis dashboard app for a sustainable society

Whole Earth Foundation
2 min readAug 13, 2021

The Whole Earth Foundation has released Whole Earth Explorer, an environmental analytics dashboard app aimed at realizing a sustainable society.

The Whole Earth Foundation will provide a database and a dedicated dashboard gathered from citizens, with expert knowledge and data provided by Fracta Inc. and Nippon Chutetsukan.

#1. Viewer function — visualization of the current status of social infrastructure

By overlaying various information and statistics on social infrastructure, it is possible to get a bird’s eye view of the local environment.

At the moment, you can use the environmental assessment map of pipelines and environmental data diagnosed by Fracta’s AI engine. In the future, the system will be expanded to include the ability to view and analyze information submitted by citizens and database information provided by companies with which we have partnerships.

#2. Social networking service (SNS) functions — Sending and receiving information on social infrastructure and awareness of issues

SNS functions such as voting on posted information and following specific users are provided.

There is a function for posting photos with location information, allowing users to share information about damaged social infrastructure and local information as if they were posting on Instagram or Twitter. When you post a photo, a radar chart of environmental and statistical information is automatically inserted into the post, allowing you to check detailed information about the location of the post.

There is also a group function that allows local volunteers and community associations to share information about the community and region. Groups can be set up to be public or private, and participation conditions can be assigned to create groups for specific purposes.

#3. Reward function — to receive and pay compensation for providing information that contributes to the maintenance and improvement of social infrastructure (to be implemented in the future)

If you want to collect specific information, you can ask citizens to contribute. You can set the amount of reward for the task request and choose who to pay from among the citizen users who contributed.

The social infrastructure information submitted to Whole Earth Explorer will be used as statistical information for the maintenance of social infrastructure and as basic data for the construction of AI solutions.