Whole Earth Coin Begins Trading on ProBit and Coinsbit!

Whole Earth Foundation
2 min readMay 31, 2021

Whole Earth Coin (WEC) is now officially listed on ProBit and Coinsbit. Trading will begin on June 3, 2021 with the WEC/USDT pair.

WEC is an ERC20 Token running on the Ethereum chain used to power the Whole Earth Access Platform, a one-of-a-kind data exchange ecosystem designed to put general citizens in control of their infrastructure. With applications running on smartphones, we can crowdsource detailed data on infrastructure traced by geolocation. This data can help develop intelligent AI to make predictions that allow more efficient infrastructure management.

Citizens, as the primary contributors of data, will earn WEC for their contributions. Other third-party organizations and service providers looking to utilize this data will purchase WEC’s as a subscription fee to support the Foundations Project. By introducing this new incentive mechanism, citizens will be deeply engaged with their infrastructure and well-positioned to communicate their needs with infrastructure service providers more effectively. As a result, service providers can interface more closely with their community and manage the infrastructure they govern more effectively.

As the project is rapidly growing, we have exciting collaborations planned for the future. Our first upcoming announcement is the release of the game Guardians of Metal and Concrete — a collaboration between the Whole Earth Foundation and Nippon Chutetsukan, a Japanese water infrastructure firm.

About Whole Earth Foundation

Whole Earth Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization providing the world’s first trusted infrastructure data ecosystem designed to revolutionize how infrastructure is managed. We provide a platform of tools and incentives to connect citizens, local governments, service providers, and other third-party organizations to collaborate and develop new solutions aimed to manage infrastructure better and consequently improve the environment.